Make The Choice To Be Happy Or Someone Else Will Make You Depressed

We need to stay happy and have a positive world view, but we also need to understand how our society and our beliefs are shaped. reported today on how some of this conditioning is happening.

  1. Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Cymbalta, runs a commercial on TV in a caring tone “raising awareness” about depression, suggesting that you visit the very popular website to take a questionnaire to see if you are “at risk” to be “struck” by depression.
  2. Eli Lilly “sponsors” and rigs the questionnaire so that no matter what you answer the verdict is that “you are at major risk for depression”

This is of course very disturbing, but looking at it from a larger perspective we must realize that our entire society and belief system is shaped in a very similar way. What we must keep in mind when it comes to pharmaceutical companies is that the way they make money is from keeping you sick or making you believe that you are sick. If you get healthy, they are out of business.

You do not get depressed because your body is deficient in a chemical manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. You get depressed because you are exposed to an environment that provides so many opportunities to feel bad thereby interfering with the natural function of health and joy.

While it is mistakenly called a health care system, it is in fact a system of crisis intervention, disease management and symptom suppression. Those are not bad things in and of themselves, but we need to understand that they have nothing to do with health. Health is when everything that is supposed to work in your body is working. When you move well, eat well, and feel well. Chemicals cannot bring back function; they can only interfere with function and suppress symptoms to make you more comfortable, while the dysfunction continues to express itself in other ways.

What gets in the way of proper function is called stress; stress such as that created by you going to take a test online to see if you are depressed. Of course that will make you feel bad. Go read something uplifting instead and turn off the news (forever).

Here is a absolutely guaranteed way to depression. Keep reading about, talking about, watching and focusing on all the things that are terrible and that needs changing which you have no power over and you will instantly feel overwhelmed and depressed; a feeling that will deepen and turn into clinical depression by the process of repetition.

Ghandi said, “There is no way to peace – Peace is the way. You must be the peace you wish to see in the world."

Well the same holds true for feeling good. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. You don’t have to get anything or go anywhere to be happy, you just have to rediscover the feeling of happiness; find one thing that will make you feel just a little bit better than a moment ago; a little bit of relief is all you’re looking for.

There is always something nice to focus on, and there will always be something terrible to focus on.

What you choose to focus on is up to you. It is a choice.

If you choose to take control you must understand that the only thing you need to take responsibility for and which you absolutely have to take responsibility for are your thoughts and your feelings. Yes I know you can’t help how you’re feeling and that you can thoroughly defend and justify why you are entitled to be upset, but it doesn’t change anything. You’re still feeling bad and upset. As long as you have the belief that you are morally obligated to feel bad because there are things to feel bad about, you are stuck.

As soon as you are willing to allow yourself to feel a little better you are free to do so.

Here’s how it works. Find something to focus on that will make you feel one percent better right now. Maintain feeling for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed.


Great infomation

Hi Dr. Eckberg,

Excellent information. Wouldn't it be great if the pharmaceutical companies advertised that one of the best ways to beat depression is to go out and exercise!?!

Oh wait a minute, that is why we have chiropractors, true health care professionals, like you, that let their patients know the truth about how their bodies work and how to keep them working!

Keep up the great work,

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