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Cumming Chiropractor - Wellness For Life Chiropractic- See what our patients think of us on KudzuCumming Chiropractor - Wellness For Life Chiropractic would like to sincerely thank all our patients and the people that come to our lectures and workshops. Our primary purpose is to assist you in achieving the health you desire. We believe the body is capable of healing itself, and we can show you how the power of the chiropractic adjustment can help you reclaim your vitality, as the below testimonials will show.

Patient Testimonals

Excellent knowledge. I have seen Dr. Ekberg for pain in my back. Not only the pain now is gone - he also treated me for my cat allergy that I have had since I was a child. And the allergy - running nose and asthma - is to my astonishment and relief gone as well! Dr. Ekberg's knowledge in addressing the cause of a problem exceeds by far regular doctors' who only know how to address the symptoms.

Goran Rygert

I had been suffering from weakness and pain in both legs for about a year. After hearing a talk given by Dr. Ekberg, I decided to go to him.

I have had 7 appointments so far and my weak legs have gotten stronger, almost back normal. My knees don't hurt when I bend them and my big toe which had been numb for years is getting feeling back in it.

I am particularly pleased because he muscle tests to see exactly what is needed by my body and not just guesses what is wrong. So everything is done as directed by my body, that makes your treatment fast and effective.

I certainly would recommend Dr. Ekberg to anyone.


Dr.  Sten,

I thought you'd be interested in my comments on my progress.

The psoriasis on my right arm that I have been fighting for several months, is going away. It's about 25% of what it was before.

My nasal passages are totally clear 24/7 for the first time in my life (remember, I started smoking at 12 years old).

I'm sleeping soundly at last. No more waking up in the middle of the night, sweating.

I'm amazed at how much more "flexible" I am. We get used to our bodies being stiff I guess, and it just seems natural.

The "allergic reaction" (runny nose) is MUCH better.  I finally worked up the nerve to return to the restaurants and stores that gave me trouble before, and the reaction was about 20% of what it was two weeks ago. However, I've been working outside the last two days, and the pollen gave me fits.

The redness on my left forearm, from prednisone and vitamin E is almost gone.

No more offensive body odor -- this may be new to you, but when I started on my "program" 12 years ago, B.O. was one of the things to go away, and that was a real surprise  -- and I haven't used an underarm deodorant for many years -- I've used a natural crystal.

However, in the past couple years the B.O. problem had returned.  But now it's gone again.  Some people might think that all this is a coincidence, but since the only thing I've done different in the past month or so, is come to you for adjustments and "clearing" of some of the toxins in my body, I'm convinced that your "methods" are the reason for the improvement.

As I told you, I've been to a lot of Chiropractors since 1963, but none have been anywhere near as effective as you have been.

And to me, results are what counts.

Frankly, not only do I feel better than I did a month ago -- overall I feel better than at any other time in my life.  No, I couldn't outrun a teenager, but I'll bet I can outwalk him -- and he'll get tired while I'm still going strong.

I'm carbon copying this to a friend  whose wife  may be calling to make an appointment with you.

Your new friend and very satisfied patient,
Bob Hizer (76 y/o)

Dear Dr. Ekberg,

Thank You for all that you did to help me regain my health after a year of burnout throughout 2007.

I started an MD/Masters Dual degree program in 2003/2004; typically a 6 or 7 year program. So, while studying for medical school classes for 2 years, I had the added responsibility of also having to study for a full-time Master's Degree Program. Attending Medical School is difficult enough in its own right, but adding a full-time Master's Degree program is increasingly difficult and utterly challenging.

In addition, I also worked 40 hours a week in my medical school's library. So, I had a full plate (make that platter) to say the least. There were times during which I only had time to sleep every other night. When I began studying for my medical boards in March of 2007, it took a couple of months for me to realize my state of burnout and mental exhaustion. Over a period of several months, my doctor placed me on and switched me from medication to medication to help me concentrate & focus, and for depression and exhaustion. And, I actually became exhausted by the circumstance of nothing really alleviating the symptoms.

Having to sit for my boards it soon made my circumstance seem dire and in a state of despair. I have suffered from Moderate to Severe Clinical ADD & Mild Depression since college; and most likely long before my initial diagnosis in 1995/1996. And, over the years psychiatrists and internists have switched me from medication to medication to medication. Each seems to last anywhere between a couple of months to a year; and then its effects would fade...

This led me to believe that traditional western, allopathic treatments and remedies don't have all the answers; something that I had pondered prior to even applying to medical school. Finally, in the spirit of open-mindedness (and complete desperation), I found a link to your seminars online and decided to attend one. Being a skeptical medical school student (and a Virgo), I approached the seminar in a highly critical way. However, I was quickly surprised by the medical knowledge that the workshop/seminar disseminated to the group.

So, after a month or so, I booked an appointment with you for an assessment even though I was still very skeptical about the treatments. However, I quickly saw my symptoms of exhaustion, depression and malaise disappear over a period of a few weeks. I felt a renewed sense of vitality, energy, purpose, spirit, health, and determination. I sat for my medical board exams on December 15th, and I hope and pray that I performed well.

I deeply regret that I had not sought your treatment earlier in the year; in which case I would have been 100% cured of my burnout. But, even just a month of treatment did wonders for me. I deeply and sincerely thank you for helping me restore my health.

As an Allopathic Medical School Student, I'm taught to be skeptical of Alternative Remedies, Treatments, Therapies, and Modalities. But, I must admit that you made a complete believer out of me. Regardless of my performance on my boards, I'm utterly confident that 2008 will be a much richer, robust, and healthier year for me due to your skills as a medical practitioner.

I will also recommend you as a PRIMARY, 1st-Step care provider to anyone that I know who's suffering from a medical malady... You have completely proved to me that your methods, skills, and techniques, in many ways, outperform traditional, allopathic therapies and modalities; in both the long-run and most certainly in the short-term.

It's been over 30 days since my last treatment, and I still feel just as vital, energetic, and full of life as I did the day after my last treatment.

Sincerely & Gratefully Yours Dr. Ekberg,
David (David A. Wright)

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Lecture and Workshop Testimonials

Thank You Dr Ekberg! I loved and appreciated the lectures I have attended. Thank You so much. I am now learning the different views of how to approach health. I am watching what I put in my body and trying as much as possible to stay stress-free which is a little hard. I have started looking forward to Thursdays so I can be here and learn new stuff. Thanks again and God bless you!

Benonia Kanadu

I really liked the workshop. I loved the fact that it was very personal and informative. Basic concepts of body make-up, cells, needs and consequences. I loved the information on nutrition - how different foods aid in proper cell growth and organ function. The information on diabetes and blood sugar was very powerful in explaining how it develops. If you understand how it develops you can act to slow it down or even reverse it and recover. Dr. Ekberg covered areas that need to be learned, relearned and reinforced.

Marvin Levar

Thank You Dr. Ekberg! I liked the whole presentation, but I especially loved the BRT information. I have seen it done before, but I had no understanding of what the practitioner was doing. Thanks for solving the mystery!

Dawn Scotland

I loved it and will come again. Thank you so much for the information. Please keep me informed about upcoming classes.

Wanda Deas

I appreciated all the information; specifically on eating more healthy fats and minimizing processed foods. I was blown away about what I learned on artificial sweeteners. I will stop chewing gum.

Ruby Udoh

Thank you Dr. Ekberg. I really liked how you put food requirements into simple terms. I also liked the diagrams and illustrations of the body types and the concerns of each one. How insulin really works and the factors influencing it. And i also appreciated how you explained carbohydrates in simple terms with diagrams. Overall I really liked the whole presentation.Name withheld

Loved It - Thank you! The muscle testing was interesting. I'd like to know more.

Bridgette Breaky

I appreciate your ongoing commitment to educating people about health and the important pathways to acheiving optimal health and preventing disease. Thank You.

Sandra K Bricker

I loved all the information on health. I loved the demonstrations. The overhead presentation was clear and enjoyable. Great info Dr. Ekberg. Enjoyed.

Jo Miller

I loved everything! Very clear, great demonstrations. Very interesting.

Jessica Meinhofer

I loved the class. I really enjoyed the information. I will be back and I will bring my husband with me.

Robbie Johnson

It was very interesting. I would love to attend more seminars on different topics.

Olive Markes

I loved the presentation. Very informative. I want to know more.

Elisabeth Rodgers

I loved the overall presentation to show me how to live a more healthy lifestyle. I have already started using some of Dr. Ekberg's suggestions from the last seminar and have noticed that I have more energy and feel healthier.

Rodney Sumlin

I loved the part on our genetic blue print. It makes perfect sense. It is really hard to believe what we have done to our food. I enjoyed this entire lecture. The way Dr. Ekberg explains everything makes perfect sense. What a wake up call.

Laura C. Clancy

This sure helps me to respect my body. It also has given me a completely new sense of how my body really operates. Thank You so much Dr. Ekberg.

Judy Hough

There's a good chance that if a person attends his/her life will be changed by the presentation

Eleanor Luber

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